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Workshops with Chester Thompson (drums), Robert Sterling (song writing) and more!


Times: TBA

Samaritan's Purse, Calgary, Alberta
20 Hopewell Way NE

Tired of the same old chords and four-on-the-floor beats? Attend the workshops with world-renown instructors and learn how to increase your skill and play to your potential. This is a great workshop opportunity for worship leaders, worship team members and musicians of all levels. There will be something for everyone to learn. Register now for the Gospel Music Association Canada instrumental workshops held during GMAC week with award-winning musicians and song writers.

Join us at Samaritan’s Purse in North East Calgary and help your band reach its musical potential.


Workshop with Chester Thompson

Drum Workshop (Time: TBA)
From Jazz (Weather Report), to Rock (Frank Zappa and the Mothers), to Pop (Genesis/Phil Collins) to Gospel (Ron Kenoly), Chester Thompson has surpassed the boundaries of musical genres. Chester's performance and recording experiences have influenced over three decades of music and musicians. Whether he is playing drum kit or percussion, Chester's masterful subtleties and unyielding time create the firm musical foundation for any musical genre. Every time Chester plays he gives 110% - there is no such thing as practice. Every time he plays, it's all about worship. To learn more about Chester and his music, visit, www.chesterthompson.com


Workshop with Robert Sterling

Song Writing Workshop (Time: TBA)
Robert Sterling has managed to make a living of one sort or another for the past three decades in the world of music, all the while stealthily avoiding both fame and fortune. Blessed with a face made for radio and a talent level officially gauged as "slightly above average," Robert is convinced if he can stick with music for another ten years, he will finally get it right. If you're looking for his formal bio, check out his website at www.robertsterlingmusic.com.


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