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Lance Martin, Bass

Some words from Lance...

"I have spent my entire adult life as a professional musician. My work has been as a teacher, and also performing in recording studios, clubs, churches, television/video, and live concerts all over the world as an electric bassist, including the electric fretless bass. I humbly owe my continuing success and professional survival to an excellent formal education, earning a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of North Texas, along with a thorough "street" education, and a deep faith in Jesus Christ as my Life guide. I not only sight-read notation, changes, and Nashville numbers, I can also play quite well purely by ear. I do not consider myself an expert in any one style, but I have studied and extensively performed rock, R & B, country, jazz, contemporary Christian, blues, and many sub-styles within these styles. To my colleagues, I am known for playing competent renditions of whatever style I'm hired to play.

I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee, and much of my work has been as a studio bassist, sometimes as the producer. This also includes work done in my own studio, "BoogieHouseMusic.com", which is a computer based project studio powered by Sonar. I was the co-producer, engineer, and bassist for Cakewalk's "Loops of Hazard", Sony's "Rhythm & Twang" loops, and I also have an instructional video, Understanding the Nashville Number System, newly re-released on DVD and available from Texas Music Video, or through this site. I have taught private electric bass lessons extensively over the years, including my work, for a couple years, as a full-time music faculty member at South Plains College in Levelland, TX, several years at Hermitage Hills Arts Academy, and as a private instructor at Brook Mays Music in Dallas, TX. I also worked, for several years, as a part-time music therapist at the Denton State School, Denton, TX, and also traveled to Latin America to teach and perform on the bass with MusicoAMusico.org.
There are numerous people with whom I've performed live or in the studio. Many are talented but unknown artists or singer/songwriters, but some of the more famous people include (alphabetically): Jim Ed Brown, John Conlee, Dave & Sugar, "Little" Jimmy Dickens, Nokie Edwards (Ventures), Janie Fricke, Vern Gosdin, Jack Green, Tom T. Hall, Tommy Jennings, the Lynn's, Marty Nystrom (New Song), Jeannie Pruett, Lulu Roman, Johnny Russell, Jeannie Sealy, Lynn De Shazo, Jeanne Sheppard, TG Sheppard, Red Stewart, Doug Stone, Hank Thompson, Shania Twain, USAF Band, Shelly West, and Michelle Wright.

Some of my college training, besides bass guitar, was in jazz and classical guitar. And much of the theory and knowledge of the bass guitar neck is based on that excellent training. I'm a very strong believer in learning relative pitch, and playing intervalically, instead of using finger memory and patterns. This constitutes bass based ear training, a practical knowledge of harmony, chords, and scales, an intimate familiarity of the neck. These are the musical tools that have allowed my to be able to compete as a professional bassist in many different styles, and is key to how I teach bass guitar. My goal, with every student, is to give a foundation of knowledge that allows the student to eventually become their own teacher."

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